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AC CLEANING & PACKAGING SUPPLIERS is an organization of wide knowledge, dynamic people who understand your business and can provide you with genuine assistance with some of the major difficulties and changes that we all face in this day and age.

A.C. has been in operation since 1989 carrying over 9.300 product lines to suit every industry, our commitment began with 5 clients and today we have over 23,000 satisfied clients who support our industry from day to day. Our successful operation has lead us into a larger major market place servicing most airlines, health industries, catering industries and 75% of all contract cleaning companies through-out Australia. The success to our organization is our commitment, service, loyalty and very competitive prices due to our buying power, manufacturing & importing.

Our philosophy is to offer our valued customers not only products of their needs & pricing but officially attend to work with individuals on the job by training on all aspects of our products. Health & safety, HACCP system in place hygiene prospects, proper colour coding in place and many other issues that market and law requires for every industry to comply with standards.

At A.C.we accept the responsibility and challenge to provide superior service and quality on behalf of management and staff and look forward to being of service to your company in the near future.




47 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove NSW Phone (02) 9750 6979 Fax (02) 9750 6963

ABN: 88 002 228 864

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